Coronavirus Covid 19 Cases Today In India Live Updates News On May 12th 2021 – India Coronavirus Live: Fire in a hospital in Gujarat, more than 70 patients admitted in ICU ward

09:20 AM, 12-May-2021

Goa: Three-member team formed after accident in GMCH hospital

Goa’s Health Minister said that 26 patients died at GMCH in Goa due to lack of oxygen. A three-member team of nodal officers has been constituted to monitor the treatment of Kovid-19 in the hospital.

09:17 AM, 12-May-2021

Covaxine approved for clinical trial of 2-18 year olds

The Subject Expert Committee approved the use of Bharat Biotech’s covaxine for the second and third phases of clinical trials for 2–18-year-olds.

09:00 AM, 12-May-2021

Uttarakhand gets 80 metric tons of oxygen

Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat dispatched 80 metric oxygen sent by the central government to both the divisions of the state. Oxygen was supplied to Uttarakhand through Oxygen Express. The Chief Minister said that this oxygen will be sent to Kumaon and Garhwal divisions.

08:49 AM, 12-May-2021

Gujarat: Fire breaks out in a hospital, 70 patients admitted in ICU ward

The fire continues in hospitals during the Corona period. Now a fire broke out at Generation Hospital in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is being told that the fire is on the third floor, where there were ICU beds. At the time when the fire broke out, more than 70 patients were being treated in the ICU ward. However, all patients have been safely evacuated. The hospital administration has cited a short circuit as the reason behind the blaze. However, the fire has been controlled after several hours of hard work.

08:30 AM, 12-May-2021

Madhya Pradesh: Police arrested one nurse and two lab technicians in Shahdol

Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested a nurse and two lab technicians for black marketing of Remedesivir injection. These arrests have been made in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, the owner of a pharmacy has also been arrested. Six injections, mobile phones and six lakh rupees have been recovered from his possession.

07:59 AM, 12-May-2021

Mahua Moitra encircled the government on the dead bodies flowing in the rivers

TMC MP Mahua Moitra, while circling the central government, said that for the first time in Azad India, there is a scene that dozens of dead bodies have been thrown in rivers in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. He said that 13,300 electric crematorium furnaces can be installed from the 20 thousand crore Central Vista project.

07:50 AM, 12-May-2021

Corona Live: Fire in a hospital in Gujarat, more than 70 patients admitted in ICU ward

Coronation of Corona virus still continues in the country. For the last three days, even though the daily cases of corona virus have been declining, the death toll is not under control. In the last 24 hours, 4208 deaths have been recorded in the country. At the same time, there are 533 districts in the country, where the corona positivity rate is more than 10 percent. The government has asked RT-PCR to emphasize on performing more rapid antigen tests. This will lead to more testing and isolate people sooner, which will help prevent the corona’s infection chain. Apart from this, the help coming from abroad is continuing. At the same time, assistance coming from abroad is now being given to the states. Meanwhile, action is being taken against black marketing of Remedesvir, Oxygen Cylinder, Oxygen Concentrator and Medical Equipment.

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