Boris Johnson Asks Angela Merkel to ‘Mute’ Her Mic after She ‘Interrupts’ Him at G7 Meet

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (File photo/Reuters)

The virtual G7 meeting also witnessed such a mishap recently and the incident is going viral.

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  • Last Updated: February 20, 2021, 12:50 IST

In this new era of virtual meetings, following the video call rules seem more important now than ever.The importance of ‘muting’ yourself on video meets have been now emphasized clearly, thanks to some funny as well as serious blunders. The virtual G7 meeting also witnessed such a mishap recently and the incident is going viral. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended up telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “mute” after she accidentally interrupted him during this meet.

It turned out that Angela left her mic on accidentally and was clueless about the same. She was heard interacting just when Boris was about to initiate this crucial meet. On finding that Angela is yet to realize that her microphone has been left on, he lightheartedly said, “Can you hear us Angela, I think you need to mute.”

Well, to err is human but erring at the Group of Seven meet could have taken a serious turn.However, the G7 leaders indeed started the meeting on a humble note, despite French President Emmanuel Macron also being 15 seconds late.

On a serious note, the meeting primarily focused on providing the UK’s surplus vaccine supply to poorer countries. “There is no point in us vaccinating our individual populations – we’ve got to make sure the whole world is vaccinated because this is a global pandemic and it’s no use one country being far ahead of another, we’ve got to move together, “Boris was quoted saying at the meet.

He also urged the richer countries to follow the 100-day target to create and distribute vaccines in order to put an end to the pandemic at the earliest. As told to the Financial Times, the French President added that the richer countries should provide 4-5% of their vaccine supplies to the needy countries.

The G7 leaders are expected to meet in-person summit in Cornwall in June 2021 if all goes well. Boris is looking forward to seeing everyone present at the virtual meet ‘face to face.’ He also expressed his wish to see Italy’s new prime minister Mario Draghi at the summit.

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