Manafort’s lawyer: 3.5-year sentence in second case ‘totally unnecessary’ Video

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Transcript for Manafort’s lawyer: 3.5-year sentence in second case ‘totally unnecessary’

tonight for Paul manafort. This morning, the president’s former campaign manager sentenced to additional prison this is a second case stemming from the special counsel’s investigation. Just minutes after his sentencing he was then indicted in New York City on 16 felony counts. State counts. What this could mean for possible presidential pardon. Here’s chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Reporter: Moments after justice was sentenced, I caught up with his lawyer, Kevin downing. You were surprised by the sentence? Disappointed. Reporter: President trump’s former campaign chairman was wheeled into court today. Amy Berman Jackson, “I am sorry for what I’ve done. I want to apologize. Judge Jackson unmoved. “It is hard to overstate the number of lies,” she said, “And the amount of money involved.” Manafort’s crimes range from money laundering to tax fraud to obstruction of justice. Still his lawyer argued he was in Robert Mueller’s crosshairs for one reason, his work for president trump. Paul manafort has done an amazing job. Here’s someplace. Where’s Paul manafort? Reporter: Telling the court, “But for a short stint in a national election, I don’t think we would be here today.” Judge Jackson did not buy it. “The defendant is not public enemy number one,” she said, “But he’s not a victim either.” She sentenced the once high-flying strategist to just three and a half years behind bars on top of the four-year sentence he received last week. Moments later, downing went on the attack. It was callous, it was hostile, and it was totally unnecessary. Reporter: Manafort’s team had told the court prosecutors showed no proof the trump campaign colluded with Russia to meddle in the election. But judge Jackson pointed out that was never part of the case, saying, the “No collusion refrain is irrelevant to the matter at hand.” She suggested manafort’s attorney was really putting on a show for someone else, some critics say that’s president trump. Speaking to reporters, downing twisted the judge’s words. Judge Jackson conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any Russian collusion in this case so that makes two courts. Two courts have ruled no evidence of any collusion with any Russians. Liar! That’s not what she said! That’s not what she said! Reporter: And at the white house late today, this question — will you pardon Paul manafort? I have not even given it a thought as of this moment. Pierre Thomas reporting in from Washington tonight. Pierre, we know president trump was asked that today because he has the power to pardon Paul manafort of his federal crimes. We also know the power doesn’t extend to state crimes. Just after minutes after he was sentenced he was indicted on a series of state charges in new York. The Manhattan district attorney has charged manafort with 16 crimes most having to deal with mortgage fraud. An insurance policy to try and make sure that manafort does time behind bars even if he’s pardoned by president trump. Overseas tonight from Nigeria, the desperate search at

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