‘Full House’ actress appears in court in alleged college admissions scam Video

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Transcript for ‘Full House’ actress appears in court in alleged college admissions scam

admissions cheating scandal tonight. Full house actress Lori Loughlin was arrested today and a short time ago appearing before a judge. Felicity Huffman was also arrested by the FBI. Usc’s water polo head coach was arrested at a hotel in Hawaii. The question now is, what about the children. ABC’s kayna Whitworth. Reporter: Tonight, Lori Loughlin set to be released on bond. Her alleged role in that sweeping college bribery scheme. You’ve worked very hard for you should be proud of yourself. I know that I am. Reporter: The actress who played a role model on “Full house,” allegedly shelling out $500,000 to consultant Rick singer, along with her fashion designer husband to get their daughters into usc. Posing them as recruits for the crew team, even though they didn’t row. FBI, warrant! Reporter: Arrest warrants issued for 46 people around the country including coaches and wealth thy parents like felicity Huffman, seen here at the courthouse, after she was arrested by agents, guns drawn and cuffed. Tonight, the actress is out of jail on $250,000 bond. Are you asking for a bribe? Are you pretending you’re above that? I’ll get my checkbook. Reporter: The star of “Desperate housewives” so desperate to land her daughter in a top school, prosecutors say, she paid $15,000 to singer to bribe a proctor who would “Secretly correct her answers.” Prosecutors say the scheme’s mastermind worked with dozens of parents to game the system. For every student admitted through fraud, an honest, genuinely talented student was rejected. Reporter: Today, on usc’s campus, students told us they feel cheated. I feel for people like us who actually strive hard day and night to just come here and learn. Reporter: The school firing legendary coach of the number one ranked women’s water polo team, seen hiding from the cameras. He’s facing charges for taking $250,000 in bribes. Also fired, senior women’s athletic director Donna heinel, accused of taking a whopping $1.3 million to push through fake athletic recruits, complete with photoshopped pictures. Let’s get back to kayna on the story tonight. Live outside the federal courthouse in Los Angeles. Prosecutors say that most of these young people the students were unaware, lot of people are asking, what’s going to happen to some of these students? Reporter: David, usc says they plan to conduct a case by case review of current students and graduates involved with this scheme they’ll make the appropriate decisions. They could face disciplinary action including cancellation of admission and David, we have to keep in mind here, prosecutors are not ruling out additional charges. Kayna, thank you. Next here, a one-two pufshlg tonight for Paul manafort.

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