American ‘ISIS Bride’ speaks out Video

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Transcript for American ‘ISIS Bride’ speaks out

We are inside Syria tonight. Our James Longman, one-on-one with that young American woman who left the U.S. To become an ISIS bride. She gave birth to a son. And tonight, she’s now pleading to come home. And what she says when James asks, should she be punished? Our team from Syria again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the American ISIS bride’s first television interview, explaining why she left Alabama at just 19 to join the terror group. I heard that the caliphate was announced. I thought it was obligatory for me to go. Reporter: Four years later, child. Do you expect people to have sympathy for you? I hope so, yeah. Reporter: Upon arriving into Syria, she says, her only choice, marriage. Her first two husbands dead on the battlefield. You were given a list of men and you could choose a man from that list, does that sound crazy to you now? It sounds very crazy. Reporter: We would see the videos, the beheadings, the murders and it was shocking. We would see dead bodies in public, we would see kids seeing dead bodies in public. Reporter: She claims she was radicalized on Twitter, and once she joined ISIS, she sent messages of hate. Reporter: The Americans spill all of their blood. Do you think you deserve a punishment for what you did? Maybe therapy lessons? Maybe a process that will ensure us that we’ll never do this again. Reporter: People watching will say to themselves, well, therapy isn’t enough. I know that. Maybe speaking against them, which I am definitely planning to do, tely wanting people to not make the same decision that I’ve made. And James Longman reporting in tonight from eastern Syria. He’s been reporting from inside Syria for several nights now for us. This was really something, James, to watch this interview as you fed it in late today. If this young woman does come back to the U.S., you’ve learned more tonight about what kind of fate she could face here? Reporter: Well, yeah, she could face severe punishment, David, including jailtime. And last night, we told you about a British woman who also traveled here to marry an ISIS fighter. She wants to come home, too. Well, today, she had her citizenship revoked. David? All right, James Longman, thank you. Just excellent reporting from Syria. And there is still much more

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