Acting AG to face questions on Russia investigation Video

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Transcript for Acting AG to face questions on Russia investigation

The democratic house is ramping up investigations into the trump administration. Matt Whitaker will face questions about the Russia investigation to negotiators prior to be nearing a deal to avoid another shutdown before next Friday’s deadline. Mary Bruce is on capitol hill with the latest. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: Good morning, George. Well, after a heated standoff the acting attorney general will testify before the house judiciary committee but for awhile yesterday it was unclear whether the hearing was even going to happen. Democrats are eager to press Whitaker on his communications with the president and the special counsel, especially why Whitaker refused to recuse himself from overseeing the investigation even though top ethics officials at the justice department said he should. And whether Whitaker’s past statements about this investigation have interfered at all with his supervision of it. If he isn’t forthcoming or questions he feels he can’t answer the democratic chairman Jerry Nadler doesn’t seem to rule out the possibility of a future subpoena. They seem loaded for bear. A few minutes ago unleashing new information about Whitaker. Reporter: There are questions now Democrats saying he was involved in this alleged scheme and that he didn’t — wasn’t prepared to pay back payments, fraud payments to victims from this company that was alleged to be involved in this scheme, George. And meantime, we are seeing new progress in those border negotiations? Reporter: Yeah, negotiators I’ve talked with are optimistic here that they can reach a deal in the coming days and both sides do appear to be giving here. Democrats seem willing to provide more funding for fencing along the border wall, Republicans are conceding they are not going to get that full $5.7 billihat the president has been demanding to build his border wall but the question remain whether the president can get on board and, of course, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of still declaring a national emergency. Mary Bruce, thanks very much.

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