What can football fans expect in the NFL’s Championship matchups? Video

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Transcript for What can football fans expect in the NFL’s Championship matchups?

Welcome back to “Gma.” Football fans are salivating over the big matchups and by the end of the day, we’ll know who will be heading to super bowl LIII. Joining us is the legendary Jeff Saturday with his take on the big games. Jeff, great speaking with you this morning. I want to ask you first. You have been in these games before. You know what’s on the line. Let’s talk about chiefs/patriots, Tom Brady. You also know him very well. You have played against him many times. Can he make it back to another super bowl at the age of 41? Absolutely. Listen. If you watched last week’s game against the Los Angeles chargers, he read their mail. On third down conversions, he was almost — he was almost perfect. He saw the field extremely well. He took the check down when it had to be there, and the extended plays. I mean, this guy, even at his age, he continues to make plays in big moments. He does not get rattled. He does a really good job of calming his football team. He absolutely has the ability to get back to that super bowl. His diet and conditioning over the years has kept him healthy as well. Let’s talk about the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, arguably the MVP of the season. His first year as a starter. Give us your prediction here. Who wins this matchup? Chiefs or patriots? I’m going to go the patriots here. I think their run game ultimately exposes the chiefs’ defense. I’ll pick the patriots. I will say this about Mahomes though, the MVP season you’re talking about. He makes plays that everybody says coaches will tell you, don’t try it. Don’t do it and then yes, yes, yes, man. I’m glad you did do it. If he makes those kind of plays, the chiefs have a chance to upset them. I’m going pats in Kansas City. It will be a fun game to watch here. Let’s talk about the other game. Saints versus rams, veteran qb drew Brees. Remember the hope he brought to New Orleans when he won that super bowl before. He wants to do it again going against the rams team. They have been amazing this season. Who do you like? I’m going saints here. I think the home field advantage for them is enormous this week. I think they will run the ball well against the rams which will fatigue them and that will put them over the top. It will be a heck of a football game, but I’m leaning toward the saints at home. You’re beginning with the two veterans, Brady versus Brees. That would be a fun super bowl. Jeff Saturday, always a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks so much. We truly appreciate it. Appreciate you. Have a great one. Looking forward to it. Jeff Saturday on a Sunday. Giving us his best takes. I love his accent. I could sit there and listen to him. I called it at the top of the show. Patriots. We’ll see. You are a little bit biased. You know Federer doesn’t play for the patriots? They don’t use rackets in football, Dan. I don’t like the way this conversation is going. Coming up, we have to change

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