Ariana Grande’s best friends featured in her new music video for ‘Seven Rings’ Video

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Transcript for Ariana Grande’s best friends featured in her new music video for ‘Seven Rings’

It’s time for “Pop news.” It’s Adrienne Bankert. I hear you brought us some food. I did but we’ll get to that at the very end. I have to wait? Yes, you have to wait for dessert first. Hi, everybody. Ariana grande moving on. Her brand-new single from her upcoming album shows she’s doing fine on her own. Female empowerment the message in “Seven rings” which is inspired by “My favorite things” from “The sound of music.” Listening. ??? I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it I want I got it ??? ??? you like my hair gee thanks ??? ??? just bought it ??? Do you like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it. All right. Grande’s best friends are all featured in the video in real life. She said the song was inspired by a trip to Tiffany’s after her breakup with Pete Davidson where she bought them all friendship rings. I love that. As one does after a breakup. Uh-huh. Yeah? I’m not speaking about their breakup or anything else after that. Okay. Cardi B may not be performing at the super bowl but that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing her. Multiple sources reporting that she will be starring in Pepsi’s super bowl commercial which is usually a must see and is watched by hundreds of millions of people online even after it airs. TMZ reports it’s been shot and other major stars who made their mark in Pepsi commercials include the one and only Britney spears, Beyonce and one direction. So we will see. Also now to the bride, she took her wedding dress on the road. Nick and Zoe on their very first date talked about traveling around the world. After getting married in December 2017 they quit their day jobs to live out that dream. Here’s Zoe in her beautiful v-neck gown all over the planet from Bali to Rome to dubai to mt. Everest. Last year they traveled to 33 countries all in that wedding dress looking newlywed fab. In every single shot. The couple tells “People” magazine life is too short to only wear your wedding dress once. Our hope is when people see it they will fulfill that dream they’ve always had. Also, those dresses are expensive. Geez. What do we do to break the tradition and make it seem whimsical? Can’t you shorten, tailor it and dye it. Tie-dye. There are people who do that for you, Dan. There are people. Leeanne Marshall, I know she does that, fashion designer shoutout. Time to celebrate the holiday that pops up once a year. It’s national popcorn day. A solemn day. Did you just eat some popcorn? I did. Can you have popcorn? I can have popcorn. It is vegan. That one is vegan. Our spread today provided by Garrett popcorn shops so thank you, we love you. We have your signature Chicago style popcorn, which is that sweet and savory, the cheddar with the caramel. Butter flavor and some hot cocoa caramel crisp. You can get a free bag of popcorn at any of their participating stores. On line with code Garrett for all. Oh. Hit me. Oh. Can’t help you there. So close. See you tomorrow, everybody. So you finally got Fios, huh?

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