Authorities are looking for connections between Jayme Closs and her accused kidnapper Video

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Transcript for Authorities are looking for connections between Jayme Closs and her accused kidnapper

Stephanie Ramos live from capitol hill. Thank you. We’re following the new developments in a kidnapping case that made any possible headlines. Authorities looking for connection between 13-year-old Jayme Closs and the suspect accused of kidnapping her and killing her parents. These new images coming in. Alex Perez is in Wisconsin. Reporter: Tonight, Jayme Closs wrapping up her first weekend with family after three terrifying months in captivity. The 13-year old, all smiles, posing with loved ones. Across town, signs of support, everywhere you look. Reporter: Suspect Jake Patterson’s motive remains a mystery. Police allege the unemployed 21-year-old kicked down the Closs’ front door last October, shot and killed her parents so he could take Jayme. But authorities don’t yet know why. Jayme was the target of Mr. Paterson. He didn’t know the losses. He had no contact with the losses that we’ve been able to uncover at this time. Reporter: Investigators say Patterson held Jayme captive at this home about 70 miles away in Gordon, Wisconsin. A sign reading Patterson’s retreat, hanging above the front door. This is the property where authorities say Jayme was held captive for 88 days. The home can’t be seen off the road. It’s behind that garage there. Neighbors who live nearby say there was always something different about this home. Did you ever see anything weird or suspicious there? No. It’s just not a place I ever felt really comfortable walking by. I never saw anybody. Reporter: Patterson’s childhood friend Dylan fisher telling ABC news he never imagined his quiet, happy, friend would be accused of something like this. I’m asking myself a lot of questions. None of them make sense. Reporter: Fisher’s mom, also remembering Patterson’s visits. I never had an inkling he felt that way. Reporter: Patterson’s attorneys in a statement saying in part “This is a very tragic situation.” Mr. Patterson’s legal team will be relying on the integrity of our judicial system to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected and respected. Alex Perez joins us live. The suspect has his first court appearance tomorrow. We may learn more about why he targeted that teenage girl. That’s right, Tom. He’s due in court tomorrow afternoon. Much of this case remains a big mystery. When prosecutors file the criminal complaint, we may learn details about a possible motive. Tom? Alex Perez on the story from the get go.

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