Nudist restaurant is closing its doors Video

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Transcript for Nudist restaurant is closing its doors

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered oysters and asparagus and a nice steak? Yeah. You’re making me hungry. Then you’re, like, this would be a better experience if I was naked. Have you ever done that? Well, apparently that’s why this restaurant is closing. Not enough people were willing to did that either. It is a nude fine dining restaurant and they were banking on being open a little over a year ago and they thought it was going to work, but they announced they were going to close for good because they couldn’t put enough naked butts in the seats. Yeah. Due to poor sales, but the customers would come in, go to the cloak room, you shed all your clothing, put your phone away because they didn’t want you taking photos of other people. There’s one good part to the story. But it was 60% male and 40% female. Shocker. Shocker. They said France is the world’s top nude destination. They have a naked standup comedy. That’s funny right out of the Gates. I mean, you just hope you’re not in the audience and the guy goes — ha ha! That’s not good. Then they have naked museum visits. So you become the art? Yeah. You become the art. But I mean, it’s a Absolutely not. I barely shower naked and my idea of au natural is not wearing makeup on weekends. I don’t need M butt in a seat at restaant. They change the covers, don’t they? If I’m looking at my body, I’m probably going to eat less. It’s a sad truth. I’m telling you. Here’s what’s going to happen to me. I’m going to walk into the restaurant like that. No, Michael. Hey. I’m not the only one naked in here. Might as well go with it if you are in there, right? Yeah. I can’t. I can’t. The food’s never going to be good enough for that.

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