‘There is life on the other side of addiction’: Korn guitarist opens up in new documentary Video

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Transcript for ‘There is life on the other side of addiction’: Korn guitarist opens up in new film

We’re human and mouse and inhale us who are here. He he he the movies about. A child a baby being born into the crazy rock and roll world. People think it’s a rock doctored some but and it does have liked the story of corn in everything but. It’s much more than it’s it’s a father daughter story and anybody can really do we asked her look you’re going through a lot of counseling and years. It’s not easy right now for you but. What do you think about bringing some cameras and then just you know. Filming the process I found out strong she was and she was I told her you can own the footage if you don’t like it will never. It’s in. Behind my self harm honestly was. Attention seeking. Not and not necessarily in that way I’m more like I did not cut express that I was hurting I didn’t know. In health EE coping mechanisms like art order. Music so it fake blood. Helped me want to change flights that. I was able to connect when my Whitman tour that would. My peers around me and so. That. Cutting it confidence in myself and it’s also nothing there Allen to express myself. Being able to you know what harm harm my body. In my life I found that you know the the rebellion the drugs in the in the just the crazy life like that or. And then I found religion you feel lost their tutors critical mean people out there. But the middle road in between those is love you know what the mental health. Discussion going on worldwide now it just we need. We need things like this and works as a small part of it you know. I hope that people see it’s not. Just a rock and roll I want people to seem that you can get through the other side that’s you know because a documentary there’s there’s not a lot of glamour and been. And prophet who documentaries this is all. To do something for people that’s all we’re doing you know I can make money touring as a musician way more. Then they’re due to documentary but we we just wanted to show people you know life is good you can get there like we’ve been through it all. And and and there is life on the other side of addiction to.

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{“id”:59828003,”title”:”‘There is life on the other side of addiction’: Korn guitarist opens up in new film”,”duration”:”2:24″,”description”:”Brian Welch and his daughter, Jennea Welch, told ABC News about their family’s struggle with addiction, depression and self-harm.”,”url”:”/Entertainment/video/life-side-addiction-korn-guitarist-opens-documentary-59828003″,”section”:”Entertainment”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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