Federal judge strikes down Obamacare law Video

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Transcript for Federal judge strikes down Obamacare law

Stephanie, thank you. Strikingowbama care. President trump calling it a great ruling for the count but what happens to the millions relying on Obama care for health rance for andovering pre-existing conons? Re’s eriel reshef. Eporter: Tonight, health care for millions could be in ardy after ber cision by Texas judge, putting Obamacare in limbo. The esident Dearing viory at a congressional gala. I believe we’re going to get really good health C exciting things happened over the last4 hours.eporter: T affordable care act, struck down on Friday nit. Governorsnd torneys geral from 20 states G the individu mandate. The judge, a geoe W. Bush appointee, ruline requirement of coverage unconstitutional. Democratiftly condning the move. It once again puts Republicans in Washington on the spot. If you’re going to take away the affordabar W you protect the millions of people cntly using health iurhe family? Reporte mpublican Susan coins, today, skeptical the judge’ruling wilstand. The judge’s ruling was far Ng. And just of the law intact. I believe it Wil overturne ter: The dio just ahead of the Rd line for on enrollme in most states. Government officials scrambling to reassure people that that be affect for 2019 future healtcare for 17 million Americans, now in doubt. W I’m worri about our whole family, honestly. Reporte Janine Reid says obamarher family F financial ruin when her son was nosed with a brain tumor. Medical bankruptcies ar reality, and were a muc bier before the affordable care act. Reporter: Democ, vowing to ap. The case could eventually land at the supreme court and back in thnds resident a coss are going to EP with incdible health care. Whis the wt E be from day E. And it’s going to happen. Now has ahance to Happe Eleea who have Obama care,y’re not going to loseinc come the new year, correct? A lot of people worried this. E did not issue an injunction in his ruling. For now, those enrolled will not be affected. Ifing is help in the Hier courts, it co change that. Erielle, thank you.

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