‘Won’t allow lesbianism in schools’: West Bengal education minister


West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chaterjee on Wednesday said that lesbianism would not be tolerated in schools in the State as it was against Bengali culture and society.

His statement comes days after a Kolkata girls’ school faced criticism over its decision to force out confession from its students of “being lesbians”.

Chaterjee said that under no circumstances “lesbianism can be inculcated” in the schools. “I have asked my department to seek a report from the school. It is the duty of the school authorities to take appropriate action if [the girls] are found guilty,” he said.

The cabinet minister was quoted as saying by The Quint, “if it’s a personal matter, it should be taken up outside of school. You can’t inculcate your personal ideas in the school. It can influence others. It is a problem at the school level. Young teenagers should not explore sexuality among themselves. That is not the culture of Bengal.”

On March 8, Kamala Girls School in south Kolkata had pulled up ten Class IX girl students and accused them of “being lesbians.”

However, the parents alleged that the school had forcefully obtained the written confession from the students.

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