Ulta hit with 2nd lawsuit claiming company resells returned products as new Video

  • Now Playing: Traders stay optimistic as stock market’s wild ride continues

  • Now Playing: Dow is now down 10% from its high in January

  • Now Playing: Stocks take another tumble, Dow dives more than 1,000 points

  • Now Playing: Steve Wynn steps down as CEO following sexual misconduct allegations

  • Now Playing: Dow Jones opens in correction territory

  • Now Playing: Dow Jones plunges more than 1,500 points

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  • Now Playing: Toys ‘R’ Us will close 180 stores

  • Now Playing: About 175,000 UGG comforters recalled due to risk of mold exposure

  • Now Playing: Want to work for Apple?

  • Now Playing: Apple to pay $38 billion in taxes on overseas cash holdings

  • Now Playing: Apple CEO Tim Cook says new corporate taxes allow the company to repatriate billions in cash back to US

  • Now Playing: Co-founder of RxBar on ‘Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis’

  • Now Playing: Explainer: The history of bitcoin

  • Now Playing: Residents in high-tax states rush to file property taxes before new rules take effect

  • Now Playing: Several businesses announce bonuses to workers after passage of tax cut bill

  • Now Playing: Interview with the founders of WinIt app

  • Now Playing: 13,900 hoverboards recalled for battery fire risk

  • Now Playing: Gene Simmons talks new book ‘On Power’

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