The 8 oddest moments from Boris Johnson's 'Brexit unity' speech

Boris Johnson has delivered a speech calling for Brexit unity – but his characteristically colourful language left some amused and baffled.

The Foreign Secretary carried a serious message at the heart of a pitch to Remainers, the start of a Government PR blitz on divorce negotiations.

References veered from the Gettysburg Address to philosopher John Stuart Mill – and were peppered with short bursts of Latin.

But the address from the Policy Exchange forum in London contained some less traditional quotes.

Theresa May was compared to Moses in the address

Mr Johnson ended up comparing Prime Minister Theresa May to the prophet Moses, and made jokes about the Thai sex trade and “dogging”.

Sky News has rounded up eight of the oddest moments.

Despite some of the quirky references in his speech, Mr Johnson raised the most eyebrows for refusing to rule out resigning later this year over the progress of Brexit.

He was asked if he could quit the Cabinet, but dodged the question and only replied: “We’re all very lucky to serve and I’m certainly one of those.”

It follows reports the Foreign Secretary could be preparing to dramatically leave Mrs May’s top team if he sees a “soft” Brexit taking shape.

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