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Conservative group releases ad citing shooting at GOP baseball practice Video


Transcript for Conservative group releases ad citing shooting at GOP baseball practice

And that shooting rampage playing an ugly role in a congressional battle in Georgia. With just two days before voters head to the polls, a a conservative group linking the democratic candidate to that shooting. Here’s Kenneth Moton. Reporter: Tonight, the final push in the most expensive congressional race in U.S. History. The tight battle for Georgia’s sixth congressional district. Time for some fresh leadership. Reporter: Jon ossoff, in the suburbs ahead of the special election. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Reporter: Against Republican Karen Handel. The two, neck and neck in the traditional GOP stronghold. John Lewis for ossoff. He’s committed and dedicated. Reporter: For Handel, Tom price. Who resigned the seat to become a secretary for Donald Trump. We need to have a crazy high turnout on Tuesday for Karen Handel. Reporter: The race turning ugly this weekend. This disturbing ad capitalizing on that mass shooting at a GOP baseball practice. The unhinged left is endorsing shooting Republicans. When will it stop? Not if Jon ossoff wins on Tuesday. Reporter: The alleged gunman denounced the GOP in a Facebook post. Handel calling the ad disgusting. Ossoff calling the ad shameful. Asking that it be pulled. And there’s still much more ahead on “World news tonight”

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