A Balouch man who is ashamed of his Pakistani identity

The Story of Abdullah Baloch..

This story is written by Abdullah Baloch

Dear Pakistan Government,

I’m from Balochistan and my name is Abdullah Baloch. Because of the oppression and persecution, my father migrated abroad. This hapened after my grandfather was poisoned by the enemy because of being a Baloch freedom fighter. I have grown up abroad and I learned the Arabic language.

When I was young, the kids did not allow me to play with them as they would say “You are a Pakistani go and play with the Pakistanis”. When I tried to play with Pakistani children who were from Punjab, they used to say, “You are not a Pakistani but you are Balochi Harami do not play with us”, and they threw stones at me. I used to ask my father why people do not like Pakistanis and why do the Pakistanis call Baloch people as Harami? My father used to say he doesn’t care about that.

My father did not tell me about Balochistan because he did not want to lose me like his father. I had to bore a lot of difficulties because I have Pakistani citizenship. Whoever carries this nationality is not respected anywhere. Due to the circumstances of life and racism I was forced to leave my studies and start working.

It was my dream since childhood that to become a doctor, but because of racism I had to face in school just because of being a Pakistani I was forced to leave my studies to support my family. Even at work I was insulted because of my Pakistani citizenship. This made me think why people don’t like Pakistanis. I started searching about Pakistan and realized that Pakistani identity is based on lies, deceit and terrorism.

I was very happy when I discovered that the Baloch were not Pakistanis and that Pakistan occupied Baluchistan in 1948. It was about the homeland of my ancestors Balochistan and the injustice faced by the Baloch people in the years of occupation. When I grew up and researched about Pakistan I realized the reason why my father did not tell me about Balochistan. I realized why the Pakistanis hate us and why the world hates Pakistanis. I got answers to the questions which haunted me throughout my childhood.

After all this I decided, I decided to follow the footsteps of my grandfather and become a defender of Baloch rights. This is what I seek for, the Baloch Federation, and to communicate with the educated Baloch diaspora who will benefit our cause in the future. I get a lot of threats every day telling me to stop talking about Balochistan and Baloch rights. Nevertheless, I am a defender of Baloch rights and demand the right of self-determination of the Baloch people.

I am tired of the injustices I face in life just because I have this Pakistani nationality. I have seen hatred in the eyes of people only because I have Pakistani nationality. When I went to the Pakistani Embassy to renew my passport, I was harassed by the embassy staff and they forced me to speak Pakistani (Urdu), even though I can only speak Baloch and Arabic languages. They take large sums only to renew a passport. A Baloch gets insulted at the embassy only because he speaks Baluchi. They consider Baluchi people to be citizens of the third class. The Pakistani embassy in the passport writes every Baloch who is born in abroad to be from Sindh or Punjab provinces and not from Balochistan.

I want to travel to Kuwait, Indonesia, India or Britain. But at the offices they deny me visa for those countries only because of holding Pakistani passport. I tried to try another country’s passport, and also tried to immigrate to a country which has democracy and freedom of speech, not racism like the Arab countries, but I could not because I do not have much money.

I remember when I loved a girl of another nationality and she loved me too, but her father outright rejected me just because of being a Pakistani. I lost my love, my studies and my dream because of Pakistan, but I will not allow to let the same happen with other innocent Baloch people.

The world considers Baloch people to be Pakistani but Pakistanis considers Baloch people their slaves.

The world doesn’t know about our suffering There are thousands of Baloch suffering the same atrocities both within and outside of Balochistan. When we object to a big problem abroad, the Pakistani Embassy does not intervene in resolving it if you are Baluchi, but if you are a Punjabi they will solve the problem.

When the Baloch are arrested abroad they are deported to Pakistan. When he arrives to Pakistan, he is arrested by the airport staff. He is interrogated and forced to pay a bribe to be pardoned. And if he fails to do so he will have a problem in hand. All of his belongings will get seized. And even if a Baloch goes to Pakistan for a visit they are treated the same way if identified as a Baloch.

Therefore I am a defender of the Baloch rights, Baloch Union and the Baloch Diaspora. I would like to do a lot for my Nation which is Balochistan, but I am exposed to threats every day.


Abdullah Baloch

Story covered by Peeyush (National Head KNMN) on request of Mr. Abdullah Baloch.


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